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Client Testimonials

Melani W.


 Klean Carpets removed all of the stains throughout my carpets and cleaned them better than any company that I've ever used. carpet cleaning services

Shayla D.


 Klean Carpets offers the best prices, are fast and very good.  My house is sparkling clean after every visit. Carpet Cleaning in Dallas Carpet Cleaning in Duncanville carpet cleaning services

Joanna C.

Klean Carpets-Cedar-hill-tx-carpet-cleaning-company

 We have large pets that are house trained but from time to time have accidents.  Klean Carpets always gets our carpets clean & spot free every time. I wouldn't even consider using someone else. Carpet Cleaning in Dallas


Residential Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Services in Cedar Hill - Dallas TX


Klean Carpets offers an innovative new way to keep your home’s carpets clean while not contaminating them with harsh chemicals or over saturating them with water that encourages the growth of mildew and mold. There’s no better carpet cleaning service available! If you’re looking for the safest, most effective, and longest lasting carpet cleaning Cedar Hill, TX has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a regularly scheduled service, or you just need some help catching up on your home maintenance, we can help. Contact Klean Carpets Carpet Cleaning in Dallas & Cedar Hill, TX today. 

Why Choose Klean Carpets?


Because maintaining your carpets means more than simple cleaning.  When it comes to tricky issues such as stain removal, pet odor, and carpet repair, Pacific offers additional services to help you clean and maintain your carpet and extend its life.  We have echo friendly methods, pet odor and protective treatments. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Cedar Hill - Dallas TX


From retail locations to offices, we bring the experience and attention to detail that you expect and need for your business. Carpet Cleaning in Dallas. 


  • Carpet cleaning improves the cleanliness of your facility, enhancing your company’s image, safety, and floor care investment
  • Carpet cleaning protects your investment by extending the life of your flooring, saving thousands in capital expenditure
  • Carpet cleaning improves indoor air quality

 Klean Carpets | Carpet Cleaning has set up its professional cleaning service to optimally spruce up your office upholstery, furniture, carpet etc. at competitive rates with cutting edge equipment, supreme expertise and a top notch process. 

 A clean office can do a world of good to your business. It will raise the spirits of your employees, keep them motivated, instill a sense of identification with the brand that will fuel their productivity, foster health, and keep the general mood upbeat. Precious work days are lost due to ill health and company health care resources are drained away. 

Event Cleaning Services in Cedar Hill - Dallas TX


Extra attention is needed before and after an event. Our experienced staff can make sure that you are ready to go before an event and help things return to normal when the event is done. carpet cleaning services

 A big event takes a lot of time and energy to plan and maintain.  The last thing that you want to deal with at the end of an event is cleaning up the messes that people at the events leave at the venue.  Out of Sight Cleaning has the solution to this messy problem, and we have it at an affordable rate. Plus, we not only clean up after the event, but we clean it beforehand as well. 

 Whether it's a conference, concert, wedding, or more, we have the experience and reliability to clean your facility.  With each event there are many common messes, from drink spills to dropped food, there's no shortage of the kinds of messes that people will leave at these commercial facilities during these special occasions. 

You can depend on Klean Carpets to clean all carpets, flooring and furniture and more keeping your facility clean and back to brand new for the next day.